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Before 2019, Bloom Haus was a concept called "Bloom." This idea of a company was birthed from my experience of entering an early quarter life crisis. 


Hi I'm Cheryl, and this is my story.


At the age of 22 I was anything but happy. The "welcome to the real world" congratulatory remarks everyone kept giving me after graduation made my skin crawl. So much, that instead of going out and celebrating, I went back to my room, laid on my bed and had a full on panic attack.  I had so many questions and emotions over the next six months: "Did I miss something?" "Is this a joke?" "What did I just spend the last four years doing?" "This is not what I thought I would feel like after college." " These cubicle walls are closing in on me." "Is there a life course I can take - ASAP?" "Who has the cliff notes to life?" and my favorite, "WHO LIED TO ME."


It wasn't until I made my first student loan payment that I went on a sheer mission to ensure young adults following along my path never felt this way again.  It just rubbed me the wrong way that you can owe an astronomical amount of money in student loans but you are not even working in your field, if working at all. Especially because I think a lot of what I was experiencing was avoidable. All I had to do was take some time to think about what's next for me. What do I want? Who do I want to be? What do I want my life to look like?


I've spent the last 17 years coaching myself through the rollercoaster of my 20s and early 30s, working with some of the best mentors to help me navigate life in a smart way. I live by the quote, "You will never live long enough to make all the mistakes." And I don't want to. So I ask all the questions and get all the answers, sometimes even from strangers.

Now, through this platform, I will help young adults do the same.


Bloom Haus is the culmination of my life experiences and the vast tools I've gained professionally as a business consultant and communications expert in the Washington DC Metro Area. 

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